Buy A Home

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The transition from renting to owning is one of the most freeing experiences that comes with growing up and finding independence, something Crystal Wallace believes everyone should have a chance to experience. Bringing local knowledge, award-winning customer satisfaction and pricing analysis to the table is how Crystal separates herself from the rest of the real estate agents around. Whether you’re a family searching for a safe and wholesome community to raise children in or you’re a remote worker wanting an idyllic home office location, Crystal and her home state of South Carolina are ideal for you.

With the transition to more work-from-home setups, Crystal has seen a huge uptick in newcomers trekking to South Carolina for affordable dream home options. As such, she’s knowledgeable on the process of relocation and can help transition clients into their new home, neighborhood and state.

It’s important to Crystal that every client she works with gets exactly what they were looking for, an important focus as some agents will stick buyers with a home they can’t reasonably afford.

Before purchasing a home with Crystal Wallace, make sure you’re ready.

Are You Ready for a Home?

For starters, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate at least two years of stable income in order to qualify for a better mortgage. When the income is there, banks are less worried about your ability to repay which means lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. This is crucial as your debt-to-income ratio, or DTI, is another metric used during the buying process.

DTI is how much income you’re bringing in each month compared against the amount of expenses going out. This helps you figure out how much your monthly budget can handle regarding a mortgage payment. Not only does this matter to you, but working with Crystal means she’ll go over every detail and make sure you aren’t biting off more than you can chew. But don’t worry, if you plan on using most of your budget for the home, Crystal will make it work.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is how you’ll know the ballpark you can qualify for with a home loan. You’ll still need to have a down payment saved up depending on the type of mortgage. Some programs offer no down payment but typically you’ll be looking at paying 3% or more of the purchase price up front.

Don’t forget about closing costs as well. Thankfully, covered closing costs can be part of extra benefits a seller is throwing in to sweeten the deal and close the sale. Having Crystal on your side during the process means having a knowledgeable and kind mediator to help both parties get the most value out of the transaction as possible. Regarding closing costs, you’ll typically be looking at another 3-6% of the purchase price on top of the down payment. Check with your mortgage company to see about rolling these costs in to avoid paying them out of pocket at the start.

What’s Crystal’s Purchase Process?

Every real estate agent has their own flow and ways of working through the home buying or selling steps. For Crystal, it’s all about taking the time to get to know her clients and their goals both short and long term. By taking a holistic view at the situation before digging into the details, she’s able to make sure every home she gets bought or sold is the most ideal partnership.

1. Securing a Mortgage or Funding

As mentioned above, you can get a pre-approved mortgage based on how much the bank determines you can afford. The best part about this is that you get a range to work within as you examine the different listings available to you. A seller isn’t going to go through with a sale if the buyer doesn’t have the funds needed to pay. Whether these come from a mortgage, selling another property or a savings account, they have to be available in order to close the deal.

2. Finding the Perfect Property

Now that the I’s have been dotted and T’s have been crossed getting your financials in order, the fun begins! Crystal is passionate about what owning a home can mean to some which is why she doesn’t put any pressure on making a decision quickly. You’ll hear about the area the home is in, the good and bad that come along with it and her experiences there having spent her entire life in South Carolina.

3. Deciding on Terms and Agreements

Negotiations can be the most stressful part of the process depending on the parties involved. With Crystal, you’ve got industry-leading expertise on your side to keep the ball in your court. When deciding on the details, you’ll go over the price of the home and adjust it based on the condition and amenities it has. Inspections also begin, protecting buyers against any hidden damage that may not have been disclosed previously.

4. Sealing the Deal and Exchanging Keys

The big day has finally arrived. Before crossing the threshold and settling in, there’s still some paperwork and finalization of funds that needs to happen. Thankfully Crystal will have everything prepared beforehand letting you spend as little time as possible behind a desk when you should be exploring your new home. Once everyone has signed on the dotted lines, the keys are yours and your new life in South Carolina begins!

When you’re ready to find that perfect slice of paradise you’ve always wanted, Crystal Wallace is the real estate agent to help you with your journey. Her work finds her primarily in Lexington, Richland, Newberry and Saluda county but she’s placed individuals and families in their forever homes all over the state.