Saluda County

Saluda County is a quaint and laidback county found on the edge of Lake Murray. The Big River and Little Saluda River are the county’s most popular places to spend a day out in the sun and to cool off in the water. Saluda is the main town located in the county with Ridge Spring and Ward not too far south.

Saluda County Is Full of Small Town Vibes

Ridge Spring and Ward could be considered more villages than towns but with everything you need to live a happy and quiet life. Rivers and creeks run throughout the entire county for a nice private retreat away from the towns. If you’re looking to spend some time with the friendly residents, Persimmon Hill Golf Club is the perfect balance of socializing and recreation.

Events Are the Highlight of Saluda County

Every year, the title of BBQ King of Ridge Spring is up for grabs as the best pitmasters around battle for the belt. The event also has contests for baking, singing and even a pageant for those who want to show off their more elegant side. The Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale is an annual community sale that stretches for over 44 miles meaning you’ll never leave empty-handed.

If you’re looking for that small town charm with modern amenities and sensibilities, Saluda County is the right place for you.