Lexington is an increasingly popular area to live, drawing crowds from both in and out of the state. The cost of living is nearly 10% lower than the United States average along with fair tax rates across the board. Combine that with wonderful weather year round and an endless list of activities to partake in and you’ve got a surefire place you’ll be happy to call home. But what are the biggest draws for Lexington?

Lexington’s School System

Boasting over 500 new students each year, Lexington has become a hot spot for those looking for the best education in South Carolina. Whether you have children now or plan on it down the road, Lexington’s schools will make sure their academics are put first and foremost.

Easy Access to Columbia

Lexington is full of commuters and remote workers who actually work downtown in Columbia. To escape the hustle of the concrete jungle, a large number of workers prefer the added drive time in order to keep their slice of quiet paradise.

Lake Murray’s Natural and Man-Made Beauty

Created in the 1920s, Lake Murray is the result of a new dam being placed on the Saluda River. As the population grew, another dam was added for an even more secure containment system as well as offering roads to traverse beyond the lake.

If you’re looking for that small town charm with modern amenities and sensibilities, Lexington is the right place for you.