What’s My Property Worth

Crystal Wallace is a proud south Carolina native who loves helping folks determine their home values accurately and professionally. Its not a guessing game process. It’s an accurate market analysis that is personalized and tailored specifically for the client.

Whether you’re a single professional, a parent, or anyone else, the home is a sacred place that shapes your life. However, your property is also the greatest financial investment of most Americans. Besides the fact that it comes to hold years of memories and your life, it’s an immense store of value. Selling your home is hard, but it can be an incomparable stepping stone into a new phase of your life. It can give you the money to move across the country for a great new job, or secure a cozy retirement for the rest of your days.

Why do I need the help of a Realtor?

Just because your home is valuable doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to sell it for its full value. The buyer will try to get the lowest price possible, and the selling process is full of complex legal steps and negotiations. When owners attempt to gauge the value of their home on their own and sell independently, they consistently make far less money than realtors selling similar properties. Understanding the value of your home and maximizing its value can add entire percentage points onto the value of the sale, which can easily amount to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

What Defines Property Value?


The same house will have a wildly different valuation from one place to another, in part because some areas are simply more expensive. However, the demand for specific types of property and the quality of the neighborhood and nearby schools also factor heavily into determining home value.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Size is vital for self-explanatory reasons. More bedrooms can comfortably accommodate the parents of a larger family or parents who intend to have more children in the future. Likewise, having a second or third bathroom is indispensable to comfortably accommodate a larger family.


Patios, solar panels, granite countertops, there are many valuable or trendy elements of a home that can boost its value. These sorts of elements are particularly subject to trends, which is all the more reason to get a professional valuation.

Get a Professional Evaluation

Algorithms always fall short of the nuances that factor into home value. Crystal Wallace stands ready to provide years of experience to nail down an accurate home analysis.