Newberry County

Newberry County is primarily known for the county seat which is the City of Newberry. Smaller towns in the county include Little Mountain, Whitmire, Silverstreet and more. Even though smaller towns make up most of the county, the community is as strong and passionate as any big city.

Newberry County Takes Care of Their Home

One of the biggest efforts by the county to maintain, preserve and improve upon the area is the work done by the Newberry County Parks and Recreation Department. The group has a high standard of excellence when it comes to keeping parks well-maintained while also hosting recreational activities and events for Newberry County residents.

The City of Newberry Is a Must When Visiting South Carolina

Newberry focuses on improving the quality of life for its people, often being cited as one of the best small towns in the country! The city earns these titles thanks to thoughtful implementation of amenities such as public transportation and schools. Local businesses also love Newberry thanks to how much support the local economy gets from the city and county. What makes things even sweeter for local companies is that the great schools provide the workforce with educated applicants that want to help progress Newberry even further.

If you’re looking for that small town charm with modern amenities and sensibilities, Newberry County is the right place for you.